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Telephone Scam From A “Local Number”

A local resident has contacted Roseland Online with information on a recent scam telephone call.

She told us…….”I received a phone call at 8.51 am on 2nd October.  There was a recorded message telling me it was from Ofcom who had detected hacking activity on my internet, and that my Internet would be shut down.  Advised to press 1 for further information which I did.

“A woman (Asian accent) told me that she was calling from Openreach and that hackers were trying to access my internet.  I asked how do they know that?  She did not answer the question.

“She asked me if I was the owner of the internet connection.  I did not give her any personal information.  I asked her three times how she obtained my phone number, after which she hung up.

“I dialled 1471 and was informed that telephone number 01872 580955 had called me at 8.51 am.  I dialled that number and got a BT message saying ‘Number not recognised’.

“I have reported this in more detail to  If anyone gets one of these, please report it to Actionfraud.  People should be aware of this activity, and not divulge any information.”

As the local resident is ex-directory it would appear this is a computer automatic dialling scam. However 580 is a very local code, maybe they are becoming more sophisticated and are targeting this area.

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