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Terence & Katrina Wagstaff

wagstaffs1Very interested in art but coming from a traditional family, at sixteen I was “encouraged” to go down a traditional route and so became a tool and prototype maker for Rolls Royce Motors.

wagstaffs2I moved back home to Cornwall in 1982. Later, whilst lecturing in engineering at a local college, I met Katrina. Realising we had a common interest, we began work designing and making various decorative metal products, slowly developing the more artistic side.

During the past ten years I have developed as an artist, at last making the opportunity to merge my traditional skills with my interest in art.


wagstaffs3I have always enjoyed expressing my creative ideas in a three dimensional form and qualified as a furniture designer at the London College of Furniture. I moved down to Cornwall in 1990 where I studied ceramics and trained as a welder. I was teaching Design and Technology ‘A’ Level at St Austell College when I met Terence. My enjoyment of represent- ing the human form continues – developing drawings into organic and figurative three-dimensional pieces which capture the essence of movement.

Living and working in the beautiful Cornish countryside, we are passionate about capturing the inherent beauty of nature and have developed our popular copper torsos around the concept of falling leaves, using the natural colours produced during the heat treatment and silver soldering to produce an autumnal feel.

We are delighted with the success of our sculptures and are now offering clients the option to commission scaled or full-size torsos of themselves, family or friends from photographs or body casts – a modern twist on portraiture. / / 01872 520682