Local News 2010

The Big Lunch at ‘Arthur’s Field’

This year’s “The Big Lunch” will be held at Arthur’s Field, Gerrans at the Treloan Coastal Holiday’s site. This great family event was such a success last year – initiated by Transition Roseland – that Debbie and Pete at Treloan will be holding the torch this year. Bring a local dish of your choice to share with everyone and remember a plate, cup and cutlery!

This annual event was created by the Eden Project and is run throughout the UK. Debbie said:

“It was such fun last year, we really wanted to make sure it continued. We had some rain, but overall it only hightened spirits, rather than dampened them. It’s a great idea and we’re proud to hold it this year at Treloan.”

The even will start at 11.30 and everyone is encourage to go and bring their own dish to share with everyone.

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