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The Curious Case of the Pollard Dog-Tag

pollardA Roseland Dog-Tag, that seemingly shouldn’t exist, has ended up on the floor of a Stockport pub, baffling local residents, Chris and Mary-Alice Pollard.

A week ago, Chris received an odd phone call from someone who claimed to be the General Manager of the The Carousel pub in Stockport, Greater Manchester, saying she had in her possession a dog-tag from their dog. Dumbfounded, Chris explained that both their current dogs have their tags on their collars and their two previous dog’s tags were safely stored in their jewellery box in the upstairs bedroom. And anyway, both Chris and Mary haven’t visited Stockport… ever!

Chris Pollard told Roseland Online, “I was astounded to receive Jo Worthington’s call, claiming she had in her possession a dog-tag with our phone number on it… especially as we’ve both never visited Stockport in our lives! Mary checked her jewellery box and sure enough our previous dog’s tags were safely stored there, so I passed the phone over to her to deal with.”

Mary spent the next hour on the phone with Jo trying to ascertain how she could have found such a thing before Jo agreed to send them said dog-tag in the post.

Mary-Alice added, “For the next few days we started to think this was a wind-up and that someone was playing a practical joke on us, especially as the days ticked by and no letter arrived. But then, just this Saturday, a letter, written on the pub’s letterhead, dropped through our letterbox with the dog-tag enclosed.”

Sure enough, the aged dog-tag did have their Surname and phone number on one side and the chip registration number on the rear. Unfortunately, though, chip registration numbers aren’t reversible. Someone finding a stray dog can have the dog’s chip tested to find out the owner’s details, but they find the dog’s details without the chip number.

Mary-Alice continued, “Back before mobile phones, we did let a couple of regular visitors to the area use our phone number in case their dog went missing whilst here, but that was decades ago, and none of them live anywhere near Stockport. And I’ve subsequently talked to them and they know nothing about it. It’s a complete mystery.”

If anyone locally or up country has any idea how this could have come about or knows anyone from Stockport with more idea, Chris and Mary-Alice would dearly like to hear from them. They can be contacted through us by emailing mark@roselandonline.co.uk


  • isnt that odd mary alice. I thought at first it might have been someone who had your phone number before you but i dont know how long you have had your number but having your name on it too is weird – Now that is one odd story, I suggest Chris writes one of his children’s stories around this and perhaps make his own happy ending!!!

  • It is such a curiosity story – this little tag found so far away and in a place we have never been to ?!
    And when the tag arrived in the post it was not one that even clicked any kind of familiar memory !

    It would be wonderful if we can solve the puzzle of the wandering dog tag !

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