Book Reviews - Sallie Eden Book Reviews 2011

The Food Hospital by Dr Gio Miletto, Lucy Jones and Dr Shaw Somers

Subtitled “Simple, Delicious Recipes For A Healthy Life”, and linked to the current Channel 4 series of the same name, this book aims to explain how food can enhance health and offers guidance about what to eat and why.

There are 45 recipes aimed at those with specific health issues, from chronic fatigue to dandruff and from kidney problems to snoring. In the TV programme, GPs, a dietician and a medical specialist present case studies to demonstrate how certain foods can help people with those and other conditions. They do not offer a cure, but aim to help people control their conditions and reduce their chances of developing more serious illnesses

Each chapter briefly explains a specific condition, the science (causes where known etc), foods to eat, foods to avoid, expert tips and, where necessary, warnings, including advice that sufferers should speak to their GP. Finally, for many conditions there is a recipe including the recommended foods.

I’m pleased I read the book before the series started. I admit I’m not a regular TV viewer, so my comments about the programme may be unfair – to me it came across as a series of trailers for something more detailed and I was irritated by the constant switching from one case study to another. However, this is not a TV review so…

In contrast, the book is – for me – pitched just right, in terms of background information, research, and advice. I loved the recipes – for once they seem like the sort of thing you could and would actually rustle up after a long day at work, they generally don’t require unusual ingredients and they look and sound delicious.
There’s a helpful glossary, lots of evidence based proposals as well as things which “seem to work for some people.

Verdict: A user friendly, easy to digest guide. Hummus and salsa here I come! *****

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