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The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain

In North Carolina, Travis Brown is caring alone for his young daughter, Bella. Everything he does is focussed on providing for her safety and security. But when he loses his job and home, his life – and hers – begins to unravel. The offer of work leads him to crime and the need to abandon his beloved daughter to a stranger.
In another family, the loss of their own child leads to a marriage breakdown and the need, but not the will, to rebuild their lives without her.

This is a story of serendipity and choices and how quickly life can spiral downwards as a result of one event.

A clever plot, if a little far-fetched and too reliant on coincidences. Despite that and the fact that the ending is a bit too neat, I enjoyed this book. It is undemanding and occasionally very moving.

Verdict: A book for the beach* or a long journey perhaps. ***
*sunshine not included

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