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This Means War

Starring Tom Hardy, Chris Pine & Reese Witherspoon, directed by McG.

Two CIA agents find themselves in competition for the affections of the same beautiful woman. Accustomed to using whatever means necessary to complete a mission, the two agents/friends enter into a gentleman’s agreement that stipulates they not interfere with one other, allowing Lauren to choose the best man. The agreement quickly degenerates into a contest of epic proportions, thanks to the men’s competitive natures and the arsenal of government resources at their disposal.

Well, I was hoping for a little more. Reese Witherspoon has done some great RomComs in the past… unfortunately this isn’t one of them. It’s predictable, stale and formatted with an unbelievable amount of ‘coincidences’. Sorry, guys, one for the teenagers, perhaps, but not really thinking outside of the box here.

Verdict: Passable, but nothing blinding. If you’ve got nothing better to do… ***

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