TV-Film Reviews 2021

TV and Film Reviews – July 2021 – Mark David Hatwood

Inside Bo Burnham Starring and directed by Bo Burnham

This American special was written, directed, filmed, edited by, and stars US comedian, Bo Burnham. It was recorded in his home during the COVID-19 pandemic without a crew or audience and features his own blend of satirical comedy through specially written songs.

Having passed over this a few time, I eventually clicked ‘play’ and was given 87 minutes of pure delight. How I have never come across this hugely talented fella before is beyond me. Superbly crafted pop songs, extremely observant and poignant lyrics along with a serious insight into one artist’s emotional dilemma at working on and finishing a long-reaching project under extraordinary circumstances.

If you like well crafted pop songs with insightful lyrics (my faves being “FaceTime with My Mom (Tonight)” and “White Woman’s Instagram”) then this is an absolute must.

Verdict: Moving, brilliant, observant and moving. This beauty if the Bomb! *****

This film is available to stream now on Netflix.

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