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The Morning Show Starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell & Billy Crudup – Apple TV

After Morning Show star host, Mitch Kessler (Carell), awakes to a revelation that will change the course of his life, along with those around him, the cast and crew of The Morning Show start to question their lives, actions and reactions to the news.

For those like me who are late to the party on this cracking series, this was the series of the lockdown for me. Having exhausted pretty much everything on Netflix and Amazon, I decided to invest in a 7 day free trial of Apple (actually, turns out with a new Mac, you get a year free… who’d’ve thunk?), and boy! was I glad I did.

The show managed to not only entertain and keep us gripped to the sofa, it even achieved something few shows do: to take you on an emotional journey in which you question your beliefs on certain subjects, only to make you reassess those again before the series finale.

There is little else on Apple, TBH, but this is TV at its best and I’m sure there’ll be more from all of them (assuming they can get this stellar cast together again). Great acting, superb writing and a phenomenal storyline. Really: the highlight of my COVID viewing to date.

Verdict: One word: Impeccable. Get yourself a 7 day free trial on Apple and binge this corker! *****

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