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TV Show Contestants Needed

TV show contestants are needed for a new television show, made by Ricochet, a spin-off of Disney, and BBC2 called “The Repair Shop”.

Associate Producer, Ben King, told Roseland Online. “The show looks into repairing beloved and interesting possessions of people who would like to see their items restored or repaired back to their original working order.

“The kind of items we have been looking at so far range from grandfather clocks to horse drawn carriages! We have a team of experts who cover all trades, from blacksmithing to ceramics, clockmakers to woodworkers.

“We’d really love to repair something that has a community value, something treasured or something essential to communities that has fallen into disrepair, perhaps has an interesting story and purpose to the village/town that can be restored.”

Statues, weather vanes, sun dials,  carvings that might identify to the community and have meaning are the sort of things they are looking for. Maybe even the gate of a local church that needs forge work or repairing? They are particularly keen to find items that require metal work for our master blacksmith.

He added, “The item would be repaired at our repair shop (a barn outfitted for our experts) and given back to the community at no expense to themselves  – additionally there would be broadcasted TV coverage from start to finish at the location of item, in the work shop and also when the item is revealed.”

For details on how to apply and full contact information in a pdf, click here or on the poster above.

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