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Two New Cornwall Council Initiatives Affecting Younger People

brightercornwallA new website, Brighter Cornwall, will be launching on Friday, 15th August (the day following A Level results day). The website plans to link up students looking for opportunities with local businesses, who may be willing to offer an undergraduate a work placements.

Students that sign up will gain more information on the opportunities available.

Brighter Cornwall is run by Cornwall Council in partnership with Unlocking Potential – who have been working with businesses and graduates for over ten years, helping people develop and business grow. Their mission is to unlock the potential within each person or business they work with. Through strong relationships, we help businesses grow, create as many jobs and opportunities as we can; develop talent, make connections and tap into knowledge and expertise to create a vibrant and sustainable economy.

You can find out more about the work that Unlocking Potential does by visiting www.unlocking-potential.co.uk and if you want to explore graduate careers in the county, why not visit the national award winning graduate jobs portal www.gradcornwall.co.uk


youchooseSecondly, the 11+ service is going to undergo change to adapt to the financial pressures the Council is facing. Cornwall Council have set up a simple You Choose survey that allows young people to prioritise which parts of the service are more important and which specific area those resources should go.

There is no new funding for the 11+ service so any increase to an area will have to be met with a decrease in another part of the 11+ service.

This survey has been aimed at young people. If you are a young person, or know a young person who would like to partake in this important survey, click  here to partake in the survey.

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