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Underground Cold-War Bunker Tours on Nare Head

Whilst walking on Nare Head you may have noticed a green metal ‘hatch’ poking above ground.  This is the entrance to the Veryan ROC post.  It was manned throughout the cold war ready to detect any fall-out from potential nuclear events.

Happily this early-warning system was never called into action and the National Trust kept the bunker for future generations to discover.  Expert knowledge and hard-work by the Royal Observer Corps Association transformed this small, underground space into a unique museum.  Each year the National Trust works with the ROCA to have a handful of guided tours, offering a rare chance to learn more and go inside the South West’s only fully-equipped early-warning cold-war bunker.

Each talk and tour lasts 90 minutes, and is led by Lawrence Holmes who is a former member of the ROC.  The role and history of the Corps is explained and visitors are shown all the equipment both on the surface and underground.  The tour dates for this year are:

Friday 12 April     1100 to 1230hrs and 1330 to 1500hrs

Sunday 26 May       1100 to 1230hrs and 1330 to 1500hrs

Sunday 30 June      1100 to 1230hrs and 1330 to 1500hrs

Monday 12 August  1100 to 1230hrs and 1330 to 1500hrs

Booking is essential since visitor numbers are very limited.  The suggested minimum donation for this event is £4 per person.

To book a place, or for more information about the tours,

Call 01872 278234.

To learn more about this bunker and the Royal Observer Corps go to

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