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Update On Flu/Covid Clinics For The Patients Of Roseland Surgeries:

Update on flu/covid clinics for the Patients of Roseland Surgeries:

More info re booster jabs:

Our Surgery has just been told that it is highly unlikely that it will be able to obtain the Astra Zeneca vaccine for the third dose as NHS advice is to have the Pfizer as the booster.  This has been shown to be the slightly more effective combination for developing immunity to the covid virus for everyone irrespective of age.

You may remember from our earlier briefings that physically moving the Pfizer vaccine by road has its own peculiar problems and that was why we all had to travel up to Roche.  The slightly better situation now is that we can go to the Merlin Centre at Hewas Water to get the booster jab.

This decision to deliver only Pfizer means that we are left with a problem for our housebound patients – hopefully only temporarily.  We have gone back to the Covid Team at NHS Kernow to explain the problem – which in a nutshell is – if everyone has the Pfizer jab, we can only deliver 3 jabs per hour because of the strict 15-minute observation period required. That equates to just about a week of constant jabbing but leaves little time for travelling.  It would take a long time to get our 100+ patients done and would wreck the regular clinic timetables.  That is why we are asking for a batch of the AZ for our housebound – who as they are unlikely to come into much contact with others and so would be absolutely fine with this type of vaccine.

Therefore, and just for the time being, those patients who are housebound are being kept in a separate cohort whilst we await the Kernow decision.  If there is anyone who is in that category but perhaps has a kind friend or relative who would be willing to drive them to Hewas Water please can you phone in (01872 580345) and make an appointment for the covid booster?  It will happen far more quickly for you and will also reduce the waiting time for those unable to leave their homes.

If housebound patients reading this don’t have this support, please DO NOT WORRY – eventually the surgery will contact you and you will get a booster and flu jab – probably in November.

Reminder – it is also better for speed of delivery if you are able to have both your booster and flu jab simultaneously at the Merlin Centre.  Again, don’t worry if this is not what you want, you can have them separately and you will be given two appointments on request.

Covid case statistics:

These continue to oscillate alarmingly – today’s figures for the period up to 7th October for Probus and the Roseland show an increase to 27 giving us a rate per 100,000 of 333.3.  The equivalent figure for 12 October for the whole of Cornwall is 492 – that is above the England average of 388 per 100,000.

Please continue to be careful and manage your own risk levels of possible exposure to the virus!


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