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Vandalism – Election Material

With a resident’s permission, one of the candidates for the County Council elections recently put up a poster in a hedge in St Just. Within one day it was removed, dumped in the road with a note saying the hedge was council property.  The candidate was unaware that the hedge (in front of someone’s garden) was council property and the housholder did not know that posters were not allowed.  Another poster was stolen from a Gerrans garden.

The point is it was a windy day and could have blown about into the road , caused a traffic accident accident and injured someone.  Luckily the postman retrieved it and put it in his van.

Readers should be aware that the police might treat similar acts as vandalism with serious consequences if proved.



  • Instead of whinging about stupid signs with candidates names on that tell us nothing about what they stand for and I’m sure do nothing to get any votes whatsoever, perhaps someone somewhere could make some effort, both on and offline, to give some actual information on what any of these people might offer us as our councillor. It’s so frustrating as I’d like to vote but have no idea who for. Pin the tail on the donkey time (excluding the tory, obviously).

  • It wasn’t just election material,Miss V’s Tea Room temporary sign was removed during the day,most of the Roseland Festival signs were removed ,another commercial local firm had their two signs vandalised,plus a sign advertising a charity event disappeared .Mindless people hiding behind a cloak of anonymity ,harming Cornish businesses,affecting charity income by removing their advertising sign —totally mindless.If people object to temporary signs be adult enough to speak openly about them directly to those who put up the signs.

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