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Volunteers Wanted To Protect Roseland’s Unique Landscape

roselandplan-logoHaving received back the 816 completed Roseland Plan questionnaires, It has become clear to the committee that protecting the landscape is one of the key priorities for residents. The next step is to implement these changes and so the committee is looking for willing volunteers to help in this area.

Local Landscape Character Assessment (LLCA) is a tool that describes the landscape in great detail and will be a crucial building block of the Roseland Plan. The Roseland been lucky enough to be chosen as part of a pilot study, which means they will get help to generate their very own Roseland LLCA.

Secretary of the Roseland NDP Steering Group, John Adams, told Roseland Online, “The LLCA will give us detailed evidence which will feed into the development of policies directly relating to land use and future developments on the Roseland.

“The  document will define and celebrate everything about our landscape that is important to our community. Most important of all, it will be created by the local community. It will be created by you!”

Participation in the pilot study puts the Roseland in a strong position, especially as it has two passionate landscape architects  on the Roseland Plan board. However experts are not enough.

A group of volunteers is needed to help the committee over the next five months to produce the local LLCA.

John added, “No special or specific expertise is required, just a willingness to get stuck in and tramp around the Roseland making notes and taking pictures. Training will be provided. We hope it will be fun!”

If you’d like to be part of this venture and make a really important contribution to producing The Roseland Plan, please contact John under info@roselandplan.org or by phone under: 01872 501749. They will be holding training sessions between February and March.

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