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Walking Football Club on the Roseland

A new club of Walking Football (one of the UK’s fastest growing sports) is being set up on the Roseland. Simon Perry, who recently moved to Tregony, is launching the club from The Community Sports Hall at the Roseland Academy.

The hall is booked for an inaugural game on Thursday 3 May from 7 to 8 pm so Simon is looking for people aged 55 plus who may be keen to kick a ball to contact him a.s.a.p. where he will confirm details of this first session, what to bring etc.

Walking football has a number of newly formed groups including those at Truro and St Austell. Aimed at older participants, it is a small-sided game often played inside using five-a-side goals. The ball is played below head height and involves minimal physical contact.

Official rules are being agreed for competitive matches but at its simplest it is similar to 5 a side football but with no running with or without the ball. Recent personal experience confirms it is still a good aerobic workout!

If you wish to participate, please email Simon as soon as possible under roselandwalkingfootball@gmail.com. For more information on the new sports trend, visit: thewfa.co.uk

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