DIY Weddings

DIY weddings can be fun and full of surprises for the guests. It’s a lot more work, but if well planned and executed, can be a beautiful way to make your wedding exactly the way you want it and a much more informal affair than otherwise. Here are a few helpful tips to consider when creating your own DIY wedding.


In the ‘good ol’ days’, it was common practise for a friend or family member to make the wedding cake. Although this can be fine for supper parties, the Roseland Online Wedding Planner has a few pointers to take into account before deciding on this option.

Master cake makers cook using professional ovens, which cook the 12 inch tiers evenly. In a domestic oven, the sides of the cake can burn before the middle cooks, so make sure your ‘baker’ tries it out first.

Icing and decorating your cake may take few days, but you’ll want your cake to be fresh, too. So take this into account as you don’t want your ‘baker’ to be finishing it on your wedding day. Individual cakes or cup cakes, though, should ideally be baked on the morning of the wedding, so this might not be the best option if your ‘baker’ is also a guest.

Whether the cake is to be stacked or separated with pillars, each tier must be do

welled correctly to prevent to cakes melting into the bottom tier.

Lastly, consider the legal issues. Some venues require liability insurance for any food items being brought into the venue for their caterers to serve, so check in advance if you are intending to bake your own cake.


A fabulous way for you to make your wedding more bespoke which saving a few pennies is to make the invitations, table decorations and cake ‘Bride & Broom’ models yourself. You could also include learning some of these ‘skills’ in your hen weekend, especially if you need to be in South Central Cornwall for a time before your wedding day to qualify for a church wedding.

We have a host of craft makers in the region, like Lou Tonkin, who can teach you anything from card making skills to table and cake decorations made from felt. It’s fun, practical and saves money whilst giving your wedding a personal touch, so it might be worth planning this well in advance.

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