Wild Roseland

Wild Roseland – April 2019

Our shoreline is fascinating, constantly changing its edges with the ebb and flow of the tides on the beaches and our tidal estuaries. Empty shells are washed ashore on sand and pebbles, sometimes in drifts, and our rock pools are replenished with salt water at high tide for the living creatures and plants in them, creating vivid colourful aquariums.

Shoreline birds, whose feet and legs enable them to wade, with beaks of varying lengths, adapted for the particular seafood they like to eat, dodge the waves as they break on the strand. They know each wave disturbs the beach, stirring up water insects and invertebrates for them to snatch at in order to survive.

Amongst the sand, shingle, seaweed and rocks is a world we know little about, but the opportunity to learn more is there with the recent formation of our Marine Project under the guidance of Chris Townsend. Training for a Shoresearch survey, a national citizen science project, a user-friendly and fun way of exploring the shore has just taken place with Matt Slater, Marine Awareness Officer of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

A group of interested local volunteers who attended learnt about survey methods and how to ID a variety of marine animals- anenomes, barnacles, crabs, limpets, sponges as well as the rare Montagu’s blenny and stalked jellyfish. The fantastic diversity of seaweeds was also looked at.

Once the group has better ID skills they will be able to share their newly learnt expertise with others. Watch this space for further details as the initiative develops. Seaweed surveys and a rockpool ramble are already in the planning.

Upcoming Wild Roseland Walks and Talks – dates for your diary

Note that all events are free but a small donation of £3 would be welcomed.

Tuesday 16th April – Barn Owl Boost survey

We are extremely fortunate to have as our speaker David Ramsden, OBE. founder and Chair of the Barn Owl Trust who is a national authority on the species, discussing the Barn Owl Boost survey. Tuesday 16th April, 7pm at Gerrans Memorial Hall.

Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th April Photographic Exhibition

Last shout for the Wild Roseland Photography Exhibition at Gerrans Parish Memorial Hall. Don’t forget to enter your photos by April 19th at the drop off points: Fudge and Moore  St Mawes, The Boat House, Portscatho, Elerkey Guest House and Gallery Veryan, Da Bara Café’ Chewoneth’s estate, Roseland Local (garage) Bessie Beneath, or Tregony Gallery or call 01872 501429.

Further details are in last month’s Roseland magazine, as well as on the website Wild Roseland, our fortnightly e-newsletter and our Wild Roseland facebook page.

Let’s make this a great celebration of the Roseland.


Article by David Hall. Images courtesy of David Hall and Shoresearch Cornwall, visit their Facebook page for more finds!

Edited by Tara Robinson.

Wild Roseland is a group of volunteers who care passionately about looking after the nature and landscape of the Roseland peninsula in south Cornwall. Through a number of initiatives and projects, the aim is to inspire and enhance the conservation of this special place for all.

Image credits:

Small headed clingfish, Shoresearch Cornwall

Seven armed starfish, Shoresearch Cornwall

Velvet crab by Matt Slater, Shoresearch Cornwall

Red speckled anemone, Shoresearch Cornwall

Barn Owl, David Hall

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