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Wild Roseland Nature Notes – November 2021


Nature is restless, change is occurring

The Swallows have lingered, gathered, and then disappeared overnight beginning their flight of 6000 miles to South Africa. Our other migrant summer visitors have also flown south; some to the Mediterranean and more to central Africa, including our Ospreys. But winter visitors are replacing them, such as continental Blackbirds, Redwing, Fieldfare or Brambling as they flock in from Scandinavia, or waders from the tundra and Great Northern Divers from Greenland.

Nature does not stop for Covid; and November is no exception. As the cover provided by trees grows less with each falling leaf, birds group into flocks for protection against predators. Small birds, especially long-tailed tits, keep together, as they forage along hedges.

Golden Plover mass and rise like smoke from our mud flats as do Dunlin and Ringed Plover, while Starlings gather in single tree subgroups here before flying off to their enormous traditional roost on Bodmin Moor where they will whirl before sunset in large dancing groups called murmurations, their synchronised flying display is an awesome wonder; and Pied Wagtails clump close together in a single tree in villages like Tregony as they seek safety in numbers at their roosts.

Mammals too are adapting their behaviour, Grey Squirrels storing hazelnuts and acorns which they too often cannot find again when they need them! Hedgehogs, more likely to be seen in our Roseland villages than in the open countryside, are looking for places to hibernate. Perhaps you can help them by making your garden more Hedgehog friendly. For example, through easier access to a patch of soil for eating Earthworms or having a Hedgehog home under leaves or ensuring that your hog can visit other neighbouring gardens through Hedgehog gaps in boundaries.


Bats too and butterflies are searching for hibernation roosts in lofts, buildings and under the bark of large trees, which also attract congregations of Ladybirds. They are reacting to the changes of temperature and length of daylight so that they can survive the onset of the really short days and lower temperatures to come as winter approaches.

Unlike creatures retreating and going into hibernation we hope you will come out for our events that we will be hosting over the winter months. Please see below for further details.

Thanks to you all for supporting Wild Roseland,

David Hall

Photo 5



Tuesday, 23rd November 2021 7.00pm

Gerrans Parish Memorial Hall

Our first indoor public event this year will be the AGM, followed by a presentation on “Butterflies – the survival of the fittest” by Harry Davies, National Trust Ranger

Further details will be published nearer the date on our Facebook page, on Parish notice boards, together with Roseland Online and on our website Wild Roseland.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back.

Learn to Identify Birds

Saturday, 4th December 2021 from 9am to 12 noon

Join Simon Taylor, BTO regional representative and Carol Hughes, CBWPS membership secretary for a walk along the side of Ruan Lanihorne estuary.

The walk is open to anybody, but is mainly aimed at people wishing to learn more about Bird ID. In other words, it’s perfect for beginners.

Meet opposite Castle Towers in Ruan Lanihorne, (near the Reading Room).

Booking essential as places are limited.

Contact bto_cornwall@yahoo.com to book a place

All at Sea – Watching Wildlife from a Kayak

Tuesday, 25th January 2022, 7.00pm

Gerrans Parish Memorial Hall

A return visit from Rupert Kirkwood whose close-up photography of sea life is taken from his kayak. His last presentation to us was to a full house, with standing room only!

We are so delighted to welcome him back, with his photos and film of life on the surface of our rivers and estuaries.

All our evening meetings will take place in Gerrans Parish Memorial Hall. Car parking is free for anyone attending. Admission is by donation, and agreement to abide by whatever advice is in place currently for that venue regarding Covid.

Acknowledgments to:

David Hall for the article


Lapwing over Estuary and Autumn Morning, Jane Lewarne

Blackbird gorging on Cotoneaster, Maggie Glass

Grey Squirrel, Stuart Martinez

Hedgehog, William Barnicoat

Dark Green Fritillary Butterfly and Great Tit, David Hall

Mother Dolphin and calf, Rupert Kirkwood

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