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Wild Roseland – October 2017

Our orchards are showing exceptional productivity this autumn. The ground beneath the trees is littered with a glut of uncollected abundance. Our orchards are of great value to wildlife and we should take good care of them.

By Graham Webb.

Traditional orchards have been among the chief beauties in the English landscape for many centuries and hold a special place in people’s affections.They are hotspots for biodiversity in the countryside, supporting a wide range of wildlife.

The combination of fruit trees, the grassland floor, hedgerow boundaries and scrub, fallen and standing deadwood and associated features such as ponds and streams mean that traditional orchards offer a mosaic of different habitats, upon which many creatures depend.

It is believed that the commercialisation and globalisation of the fresh fruit market has seen the decline of small traditional orchards throughout the area. Fruit tree species that offer high yields and greater disease tolerance have replaced the endemic fruit tree species of the area.

Wild Roseland is collecting information about the condition and location of established orchards in the Roseland area. In addition to the wildlife interest the presence of endemic fruit tree species is part of the cultural landscape of the area reflecting the history of sustainable land management over the centuries.

If you are interested in collecting or providing information about traditional orchards on the Roseland and/or would like to be involved as part of the habitat strategy of the Roseland, then contact Graham Webb gwhillside@btinternet.com who will tell you what opportunities there are for you to take part in the project.

Upcoming Wild Roseland Walks and talks

Note that all events are free but a small donation of £3 would be welcomed.

Wild Roseland Open Meeting

Tuesday 7th November 2017, 10:00am, Ruan Lanihorne Reading Room.

Our Bi-monthly business meeting (as above). All members welcome to join and take part.

The Butterflies of Cornwall and their Habitats –

A presentation by Shaun Pollard of Wild House Creations.

Accompanied by Roseland National Trust rangers, Phil White and Harriet Davies.

Wednesday 15th November, 7.00pm, Gerrans Memorial Hall. 

The Bats of Cornwall,their Conservation and Welfare –

A presentation by Cornwall Bat Group.

Thursday 14th December, 7.00pm. Venue to be confirmed.


Graham Webb, David Hall.

Edited by Sarah Vandome.

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Wild Roseland is a group of volunteers who care passionately about looking after the nature and landscape of the Roseland peninsula in south Cornwall. Through a number of initiatives and projects, the aim is to inspire and enhance the conservation of this special place for all.

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