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Wild Roseland – September 2019 –

Nature is in trouble with so many species reducing in number. It is estimated that around 60% of species in the UK have suffered declines in recent decades for a variety of reasons. According to national reports, habitat destruction, air and water pollution, climate change, intensive agriculture, increased housing developments nationwide, and expanding our transport infrastructure all play their part in being a threat to biodiversity.

However there are some ways, no matter how small, in which we can all help to redress the balance. Providing space in the garden for wildlife is one, planting wildflowers, providing food on bird tables is another, making shelter piles for animal and insect refuge; and providing homes is yet another.

The importance of giving help to nature cannot be overemphasised, for without nature, as someone  once said, there is nothing. No bird song, no screaming swifts, no insects churring, no rustling of movement in undergrowth, and no glimpses of small mammals.  

One of the ways of counteracting that is to do what the RSPB is promoting: – to provide a million homes for nature across the UK.

Wild Roseland has talked for a while of doing something about making homes for wildlife, so now is certainly a time for some action. 

Later this month we will be holding a practical workshop  where you will have the opportunity to help wildlife survive and thrive by building homes for nature.

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Note that all events are free but a small donation of £3 would be welcomed.

Building Homes for Nature Workshop
Sunday 22nd September 2pm-3pm and 3pm tp 4pm

Join us in building blue tit nest boxes, swift boxes, bat boxes, hedgehog shelters or insect hotels. The kits will be pre-cut and all tools provided.

This will take place on Sunday afternoon, 22nd of September and will be split into 2 sessions, either 2pm to 3pm, or 3pm to 4 pm. To cover the cost of materials any homes that have been made will be for sale at the end of each session for £5 each.

Children are welcome, but must be supervised by an adult at all times. The number of participants inevitably will be limited, so booking will be absolutely essential. Please contact Carol Hughes on 01872 501855 or email ruanlanihorne@live.co.uk stating your preferred session.


Article by David Hall. Edited by Tara Robinson.

Wild Roseland is a group of volunteers who care passionately about looking after the nature and landscape of the Roseland peninsula in south Cornwall. Through a number of initiatives and projects, the aim is to inspire and enhance the conservation of this special place for all.

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