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Half Term Club at Gerrans School

Little Shorelines at Gerrans School is offering a Holiday Club during February Half Term (16th Feb – 20th Feb) to all parents/carers on The Roseland. The club is for children from Reception through to Year 6. The Club will run every day from 7-45am to 6-00pm, and children can either do half or whole day sessions. Currently

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The latest updates from our local police force.

Information on recorded crimes and matters on interest that are updated at the end of each month relevant to the areas of Gerrans & Portscatho, Ladock, Probus, Tregony, St. Michael Penkivel, Philleigh, St. Mawes & St. Just In Roseland, Ruan Lanihorne, Veryan & Portloe, Cuby, Trispen St. Erme and St. Allen

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The latest updates from our local Coastwatch team.

Information on recorded incidents and stories of interest from the local National Coastwatch Institute team.

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defibThank you for your interest in supporting the RSPG Roseland Defibrillator Project

If you would like to donate to this important project either transfer your donation directly into the bank account created for this project. Here are the details: Acc. Name: Roseland Surgeries Patients Group – Acc. Number: 63179419 – Acc. Sort Code: 20-87-94 Alternatively you can donate online by clicking on the PayPal button below. Thank you.

The latest updates from our local National Trust team.

Information on recorded incidents and stories of interest from the local National Trust team.

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Welcome to Roseland Online, South Central Cornwall and Roseland Peninsula Guide. The Roseland Peninsula and South Central Cornwall (SCC) have always held a magical place in people's hearts. The beautiful landscape and beaches of the Roseland Peninsula have been a draw for visitors throughout the 1900s and the tourist trade has grown year-on-year throughout the last century.
The tourist industry has now become the main trade of the Roseland Peninsula and SCC today but unlike many areas it's kept its charm and unique qualities intact.
Veryan, in the middle of the Roseland Peninsula, still has its iconic Round Houses, St Just its legendary church and St Mawes and Portscatho their stunning harbours.
The Roseland Peninsula and SCC boast some world class hotels and restaurants, including one of Olga Polizzi's renowned hotels Hotel Tresanton) and a Michelin starred restaurant in Rosevine. More here...

Local News

UoTV3_A4_Portscatho2a A Writing Course On Your Doorstep!

Roseland Online has been working with Magda Tyzlik-Carver of the University of Falmouth about an exciting course to be delivered at the Harbour Club in Portscatho in February and March.  You can find all the details of the course below and a full version of the poster here. Writing course on your doorstep delivered to

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St Mawes Pharmacy “Save St Mawes Pharmacy” – Online Petition Started

Further to the announcement of a public meeting, St Mawes Pharmacy have started an online petition entitled “Save St Mawes Pharmacy”.  Details can be found here. Speaking to Roseland Online, Faisal Baig said “I think it is very important people understand that this is not a choice between the Pharmacy and GP. This is starting

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St Mawes Pharmacy St Mawes Pharmacy – Your Views Sought On Its Future

An open meeting with local NHS England representatives will be held at the Memorial Hall on the 5th February at 5pm to discuss the needs of a Pharmacy in St Mawes and what services it should run. If you would like to share your views and help shape future health services for St Mawes, we would urge you

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signal Orange Phone Signal Booster Boxes Available

Roseland Online has discovered that the phone provider, Orange, has a new policy of giving away their signal boxes, worth £50, to those in bad or no signal areas. As such, we’re urging those with Orange contracts and a WiFi connection to contact their provider and ask for one, to increase the coverage for everyone

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christmas Roseland Online Christmas Gifts PDF

As part of Roseland Online’s ongoing remit to support local business, we’ve compiled a list of a wide choice of fabulous gifts from local businesses around The Roseland.  Each listing has a link to the company website, or their phone numbers, and details of how you can make your purchase.   We think these are

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A boatbulders Story 1b Fascinating Story Of Local Boatbuilder Retold

A newly re-published local book called ‘A Boatbuilder’s Story’ originally published in 1968 has been extended to include a host of new photos and a chronicle of the yard in Portmellon up until its closure in 1983.  Roseland Online has been looking into the republishing of this important historical project. “One of the finest traditional

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Fish Fest 1 Portscatho Fish Festival

PORTSCATHO FISH FESTIVAL Thank you to everyone who supported the Portscatho Fish Festival this year. We’re delighted to say the festival raised a total of £2316.07 for local organisations. Donations have been made to Little Shorelines at Gerrans School, the Harbour Club Balcony Fund and the Youth Club. We’d like to thank all the volunteers

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Awards logo Local Success At Cornwall Tourism Awards

There was considerable local success for Roseland Peninsula and South Central Cornwall businesses this week at the Cornwall Tourism Awards 2014/15.  Amongst the worthy winners at the at 6th November ceremony were the Lost Gardens of Heligan and Trethem Mill Touring Park, who both won Gold Awards, with Lost Gardens carrying off the Winner of Winners

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Writers Talking

wayne-hackman Writers Talking – January 2015 – Sallie Eden

Sallie Eden catches up with locally based author Wayne Hackman It’s 18 months since I interviewed Wayne Hackman, writer, cat-lover and multi-tasker. So, what’s been happening since the publication of his debut novel, ‘Diablo’? We met to talk about his current projects, which include a book for young adults, a sequel to ‘Diablo’, possibly something

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Book Reviews – Sallie Eden

RisingGround Book Review – January 2015 – Sallie Eden

Rising Ground by Philip Marsden – Published by Granta Books 2014Subtitled ‘A Search For The Spirit Of Place’, like Philip’s other work, ‘Rising Ground’ is a serious and well-researched book, this time linking human responses, culture and landscape. Drawing on childhood memories and the unexpectedly strong feelings prompted by his first sight of, and eventual move

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DVD Reviews

thegrandseduction DVD Review – January 2015 – Mark David Hatwood

The Grand Seduction – Starring Taylor Kitsch, Brendan Gleeson, Liane Balaban, Directed by Don McKellar A much-needed boost, in the form of a new factory, is promised to the residents of the tiny fishing village St. Marie-La-Mauderne, provided they can lure a doctor to take up full-time residency on the island. Inspired, the villagers devise a

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Health, Naturally!

healthnaturally3 Health, Naturally! – January 2015 – Sarah Greenhalgh

The making of resolutions, why now? January’s name comes from Janus the patron and protector of doorways, endings and beginnings. This two-faced god looked backward into the old year and forward into the new. The custom of setting “New Year’s resolutions” is evident as far back as Roman times when they made resolutions with a

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Sarah Newton MP News

sarah newton mp Sarah Newton MP News – December 2014

I am often contacted by constituents about the quality of water flowing through our taps as well as around our shores and creeks. There have been some real worries for mussel and oyster fishermen in the Fal estuary this past summer. High quality water is essential for our whole ecosystem as well as our health

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gardening-Jan2015-1 Gardening – January 2015 – Nicola Bush

Gosh another new year already and the policeman look younger still. It all seems to come round quicker than ever and in mid- November with my summer baskets still ok and flowers on the clematis things were looking good. Ok we have had enough rain but the mild temperatures meant I didn’t take the tomatoes

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Wind-toppled F1 Dec 2014 Bee-Mania – January 2015 – Colin Rees

What an end to a very busy season!  I had been spending most of my time since the end of the really warm weather during November melting down combs of ivy honey ready for straining and bottling.  But then we had some high winds one Thursday night in early December, so the following morning I

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Search for E. Bragg

johnson's flash powder, magnesium flash, ea bragg, phil nicholls Search for E.A. Bragg – January 2015 – Phil Nicholls

‘Flash, Bang, Wallop!’ I couldn’t resist it, these lyrics were at the back of my mind after considering one of Bragg’s images, there was something I remember hearing as a kid and a quick search turned up….. FLASH, BANG, WALLOP! From the London Musical “Half A Sixpence” (1963) (David Heneker) (see below for video!) (‘Smile please,

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Nature Notes

The Meadow pipit Nature Notes – December 2014 – Sarah E Vandome

Oak trees like extended seasons, it seems. Among the last of the deciduous species to drop their leaves this autumn, they have been more affected by late warm days than the decreasing day length in the timing of their leaf fall. Many tree species are long-lived. They have thus evolved to cope with a broad

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Acting Up

SophieNeville4 Acting Up – June 2014 – Sallie Eden

Sallie Eden has declared June to be Sophie Neville month and here she talks to Sophie about life as a child actor, playing Able Seaman Titty Walker in the film Swallows & Amazons, based on Arthur Ransome’s book “Swallows and Amazons” Elsewhere (in Writers Talking) Sallie also talks to Sophie about her work as a

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