A project to create a sustainable ecofishing business in South Central Cornwall; Teach a man to fish

Teach a Man – December 2012

05/12/2012 0

Despite the horrible weather in the days following our sail with the Hungry Sailors, we managed to find a short window of sunshine in which to go out in search of bass in time for […]

Teach A Man To Fish – October 2012

08/11/2012 0

Well for once I’m not sitting down to write an update for Roseland Online which starts ‘It’s been a hectic month’. It’s been bliss after months of rushing and anxiously calendar watching for our deadline […]

September 2012

23/09/2012 0

On the Thursday before our wedding, I was shopping for shoes. This felt like a fairly high level of organisation by my standards, but the shop owner’s horror when I told her that they were […]

August 2012

23/09/2012 0

A lot has changed since my last update and as the launch date gets closer time seems to be moving faster! There’s still a lot to do, but the prospect of getting our boat in […]

July 2012

23/09/2012 0

How is it July already?! I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since Simon and I started sailing home on Planet. And forget all thoughts of sunny Greece – if anyone’s thinking what nice weather […]

June 2012

23/09/2012 0

I wouldn’t make a good Queen. In fact I can’t think of anyone less suited to be a Royal. I may be the same age as Kate Middleton and share her hair colour and name, […]

May 2012

23/09/2012 0

So much to tell you this month! There’s been glueing, planing and sanding and more epoxy than you can shake a stick at…which is exactly what you do with epoxy, but more of that later. […]

April 2012

23/09/2012 0

This could be a bit of a short update. Not because nothing’s happened; in fact despite being away for nearly two weeks since our last post, March has been one of the most eventful and […]

March 2012

23/09/2012 0

February’s been an exciting month for us. As far as the boat build’s concerned, everything’s progressing well. Si finished his Introduction to Fishing course in Newlyn, crisp new certificate in hand and spent the second […]

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