Bee-Mania – August 2014 – Colin Rees

01/08/2014 0

On and on the hot weather goes – and on and on the bees go, gathering nectar, expanding dramatically, swarming, and making life very busy for all beekeepers. Whilst things have settled down over the […]

Bee-Mania – July 2014 – Colin Rees

01/07/2014 0

What a couple of months it’s been!  Swarms left, right and centre!  I think it’s fair to say that 2014 will go down as one of the swarmiest seasons for a year or two, mainly […]

Bee-Mania – March 2014 – Colin Rees

01/03/2014 0

We’ve had a fair amount of fine, warm – and even sunny – weather recently and the bees have been taking full advantage of it. They are desperate to gather fresh pollen and nectar to […]

BeeMania – January 2014 – Colin Rees

01/01/2014 0

This has been an unusual winter so far (though the real winter is yet to come, I suspect). The temperatures have been so mild that the bees have been flying almost continuously and as there […]