Nature Notes – November 2013 – Sarah Vandome

31/10/2013 0

A month of above-average temperatures and many sunny days is giving our Roseland flora and fauna opportunities to prolong preparation for the winter ahead. If you’re out walking the fields and coastal paths, you may […]

Nature Notes – October 2013 – Sarah E Vandome

30/09/2013 0

Spiders webs, dripping in dewy beaded jewells; hedgerows brimming with gloriously colourful ripe and ripening delicious fruits; the grains have all been harvested and the fields are in stubbles. It’s autumn (in case you hadn’t […]

Nature Notes – August 2013 – Sarah E Vandome

01/08/2013 0

The past month of fantastic warm weather has seen an apparent complete turnaround in the fortunes of many species, as the sun’s life-giving energy permeates through all trophic levels, from plantlife all the way up […]

Nature Notes – May 2013 – Sarah E Vandome

30/04/2013 0

The swallows are back. Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps too have returned and are singing in hedgerows. It must be spring at last. What a contrast to March, when such joyful returns were more resonably expected. The […]

Nature Notes – March 2013 – Sarah E Vandome

28/02/2013 1

February has been a mixed month of weather. Having left behind days of relentless rain, things have turned brighter, drier, colder; then warmer, almost balmy on the beaches, with some crazy humans actually swimming in […]

Nature Notes February 2013 – Sarah Vandome

30/01/2013 0

The Roseland winter has, like much of the rest of Cornwall, been characterized by relentless days of grey skies, wind and rain. Nice weather for the female Long-tailed duck (Clangula hyemalis) still bobbing about in […]