Nature Notes – December 2012

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After days of wind and rain, November ended on a gentler, yet cooler note with some calm intervals. This was very different to its start, when spring-flowering plants were already well developed and some – […]

Nature Notes – November 2012

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Last month I talked about migration of animals and how, even at the smallest scale and species, animals are driven to move onward to new places of settlement in search of resources to sustain them. […]

Nature Notes – October 2012

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Now is the time for celebrating the bounty of nature. Humans eagerly gather in a harvesst bounty of ripe fruits and grains. Edible fungi are popping up in grassy fields bordered by bushes laden with […]

August 2012

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It’s been a couple of months since the last article, owing partly to travel abroad. Many people are travelling to the Roseland for holidays, prompting a reminder that other species need to travel considerable distances […]

June 2012

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May has been a busy month for all living things. Regular cycles of sun and rain have led to vigorous growth of plant life, providing ready and abundant energy resources for the web of trophic […]

May 2012

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Whilst the Roseland is no tropical island paradise, it undoubtedly lends its outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity to a stunning range of habitats contained within a very small space, made possible by its unique geography. […]

April 2012

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March has hailed the true start of spring, with mixed, sometimes turbulent weather and fluctuating temperatures, while the end of the month has been almost balmy. There is new colour and form everywhere, as members […]

March 2012

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Spring has definitely arrived at last. Despite the cold snap early in the month of February, which put a temporary stop to some of the territorial singing that had started among some of the smaller […]

February 2012

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January, often associated with bitter cold weather and relative inactivity across much of the plant and animal kingdoms, was unusually mild, wet and occasionally very windy, resulting in complex and rapidly changing weather conditions. One […]

January 2012

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December brings to a close a year of remarkable abundance, a product of ideal climatic conditions for many species, and food webs. There’s been rain and wind in the last month, with a promise of […]