Cirl Bunting Update 2013

31/10/2013 0

Rarely was the weather out of the news during 2012. At the end of the year it could only be hoped that we wouldn’t see a repeat for many years (or should that be decades?) […]

Cirl Update 2012

05/12/2012 0

After the successes built up over the past six years, leading to a very successful year in 2011, when the breeding population jumped quite dramatically by 75%, and saw lots of youngsters successfully fledge, 2012 […]

Cirl Buntings Project – An Introduction

05/12/2012 0

If you’re a Roseland resident and you’ve never heard of a cirl bunting, where have you been? The Cirl Bunting Reintroduction Project, a joint venture between the RSPB, Paignton Zoo, The National Trust and Natural […]