Teach A Man – June 2013 – Cat Holman

31/05/2013 0

May’s been a month of good progress for us. Although the weather’s remained quite unsettled for this time of year, we managed to find a calm day a couple of weeks ago and made the […]

Teach-A-Man – May 2013 – Cat Holman

30/04/2013 0

Since our update last month, April has thrown one gale after another at us since it arrived. So we’ve been getting on with other jobs; repairing boats and painting and demolishing houses. Different houses, obviously… […]

Teach-A-Man – April 2013 – Cat Holman

31/03/2013 2

We’re getting there! Kensa’s back in the water and we’ve finished the water ballast tank and fitted a bilge pump. The temperature rose for long enough for us to get the fibreglassing work done we […]

Teach-A-Man – January 2013

20/12/2012 0

It’s strange to think that this time last year I was sitting down to write my very first feature for Roseland Online! Kensa didn’t exist, except for as a (at the time not quite finished) […]