Nature Notes – October 2015 – Sarah E Vandome

01/10/2015 0

Sea shells: these abundant jewels of the sea lie scattered amongst the sand and rock of our secluded Roseland coves; they are fascinating, beautiful, endlessly collectable. They were once the exoskeletons of the sea creatures […]

Nature Notes – September 2015 – Sarah E Vandome

01/09/2015 0

Hoverflies: often brightly marked, sometimes almost waspish and therefore slightly scary, are everywhere, settling on pollen-rich flora among the bees and butterflies. Their role as pollinators is as vital as the bees and butterflies. Despite […]

Nature Notes – April 2015 – Sarah E Vandome

01/04/2015 0

Kaaarr! TchKaaarr! Who said that? Little sooty-black characters are making loud banter on the roof tops, sheltering on the lee side of the pitch, watching and waiting on what everybody else is doing. Jackdaws: They […]

Nature Notes – March 2015 – Sarah E Vandome

01/03/2015 0

One of the many features that marks the Roseland as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is its Cornish hedges. They criss-cross the landscape, forming field borders, boundaries, and tunnels over our shaded sunken lanes. […]

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