Gardening Matters – December 2012

05/12/2012 0

The end of another year is nigh and it is true what they say, the years seem to go faster as you get older. I remember when I first started work, I saw the retirement […]

Gardening Matters – November 2012

08/11/2012 0

I was coming out of Veryan the other night and had to stop for a hedgehog to cross the road. Having registered my delight on returning home, my husband tells me the little chap lives […]

Gardening Matters – October 2012

08/11/2012 0

My October offerings are always reminiscences of the various village shows. This year ought to be no exception because despite the awful summer weather the entries were still high and many managed to produce fantastic […]

September 2012

19/09/2012 0

I seem to have spent much of August at war with pests. More rain and some warm, damp evenings have heralded party time for slugs and snails. They seem to appear from nowhere but inevitably […]

August 2012

19/09/2012 0

August is a tricky month to write an article and, to be sure that I don’t bore you to death, I usually check over what has been written this month over the last few years […]

July 2012

19/09/2012 0

A hotch potch of things to talk about this month as however much we plan ahead June and July always seem to be the months when you have to act now and often cannot find […]

June 2012

19/09/2012 0

If we do not have more rain soon and in proper but gentle quantity for days on end then our gardens are going to suffer badly. No doubt we will get a deluge at some […]

May 2012

19/09/2012 0

May – those darling buds bursting out everywhere and there is so much to do and so much to write about I am not sure where to start!! This month there is no space to […]

April 2012

19/09/2012 0

Having bought three different types of carrot seed my customer was about to leave the shop when he turned round and said, ’What’s the knack to growing carrots then?’ If anybody mentions carrots it makes […]

March 2012

19/09/2012 0

The temptation to write a whole article on spring seed sowing is immense. If you have been put off the garden by the dismal winter weather then there is nothing more heartening than sowing the […]

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