Roseland Plan – The Roseland Character Guide

02/12/2017 0

In September I let you know that the draft Roseland Character Guide was being released for consultation. Each Parish Council discussed the document and the five Parishes in the Roseland NDP area agreed the Roseland […]

Roseland Plan Update – September 2017

02/09/2017 0

Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan The Review of the Effectiveness of the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan Objectives and Policies is now complete following consultation. The main findings of the review are: (i) The Awareness of the […]

Roseland Plan Update – March 2017

08/03/2017 0

As the Roseland Plan was adopted before the Cornwall Local Plan, the Council have to check its conformity with that Plan and also with recently-issued Planning Guidance from Government. This has been done and Cornwall […]

Roseland Plan Update – January 2017

12/01/2017 0

Some activities flagged in the Roseland Plan have now taken on a life of their own, eg Wild Roseland and the Community Land Trust focused on affordable housing on the Roseland. Other important activities, such […]

Roseland Plan Update – August 2016

02/08/2016 0

Recent News (i) Planning – It has been gratifying to note the weight being given to the Roseland Plan, its objectives and policies, in recent planning decisions and appeals. (ii) The Cornwall Local Plan has […]

Roseland Plan Update – July 2016

17/07/2016 0

Spin-off Activities The Roseland Plan flagged several spin-off activities. Four are in progress currently: (i) Planning Assessment Group – The Group continues to give advice to the Parish Councils and our Cornwall Councillor. The information […]

Roseland Plan Update – January 2016

03/02/2016 0

Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP) Group The team of Volunteers worked hard through the summer of 2015 to complete the full detailed photographic record of the Roseland Conservation Areas. The whole group and sub groups […]

Roseland Plan Update – December 2015

06/01/2016 0

1. The Wild Roseland Group In the Roseland Plan interviews and submissions, you as residents said how much you valued the beauty of the Roseland, its varied countryside, wildlife and flowers, the trees, hedges, lanes […]

Roseland Plan Update – November 2015

04/11/2015 0

The Roseland Plan is very positive about provision of affordable housing through a Roseland Community Land Trust (CLT). There is a specific policy (Policy HO5) which ensures that such housing is built only to meet […]

Roseland Plan Update – October 2015

20/10/2015 0

The Roseland Plan received a decisive ‘YES’ vote in the referendum in August – 75% of the votes cast were in favour of wanting Cornwall Council to use the Plan to help it decide planning […]

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