Full Plasterboard Sheets

12/03/2018 0

2 full plasterboard sheets (2.4m by 1.2m) plus some large offcuts. Free to come and pickup. Call Tim 01326 279278

Upright Piano

13/02/2018 1

Upright piano free to be collected from Messack Farmhouse. Please contact Binky Durran 07703360510

Mirror Glass

09/02/2018 0

Mirror glass 120 x 60 cm, frameless, in excellent condition. Free to collect. Contact Tina and Chris Prestwood 01872 501982

Hoover Washer Dryer

04/01/2018 0

Hoover Washer Dryer – lifetime warranty available – free to collect from Veryan Green -donation to charity would be very nice but discretionary. Contact Sandi or Mike on 07900 824089

Pekin Bantam Cockerel Free

17/11/2017 0

Handsome and friendly male looking for new home and several wives… Early riser. Beautiful mottled black Pekin bantam cockerel. 6 months old. Free to good, free-range home. email lauraguiness@hotmail.com

PT Bouncer/Rebounder

05/11/2017 0

PT Bouncer/Rebounder (small exercise trampoline). Free of charge but needs replacement bed which costs £39.99 http://www.supertramp.co.uk/pt-bouncer-rebounder-bed.html .  All other parts perfect Call Colin Hastings 01872 580312  or Email: colinhastings1066@outlook.com

Universal Ventura 320 All Year Caravan Awning

09/10/2017 1

Universal Ventura 320 all year caravan awning, scruffy but intact.  Can be seen in situ on Treloan, will be taken down in 2weeks (by 23rd October). Free to collect. Call Mandy Burrows on 07773379652

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