BeeMania – March 2018 – Colin Rees

01/03/2018 0

Hallelujah! Winter has arrived! Am I the only one both welcoming yet cursing the cold weather? These easterly winds are so cutting, there’s no escaping them, yet I’m hoping they are just what the bees […]

BeeMania – December 2017 – Colin Rees

01/12/2017 0

Well, winter is a-coming in! We’ve had some cold days and even colder nights recently, giving us a taste for what is promised for the first weekend in December. Normally, we get away with it […]

BeeMania – November 2017 – Colin Rees

01/11/2017 0

I make no apologies for starting this month’s blog with an update on the Asian Hornet. The good news is that the sighting at a Plymouth apiary has not been confirmed and no further evidence […]

BeeMania – October 2017 – Colin Rees

01/10/2017 0

You may recall that in a previous report I told you about an Asian Hornet’s nest spotted in Tetbury, Gloucestershire last September. This nest was killed and the contents analysed to try to ascertain whether […]

BeeMania – July 2017 – Colin Rees

01/07/2017 1

Well, what a few weeks these have been! As I said last month, I had been dealing with a lot of swarm calls, diverting them mainly to other beekeepers across Cornwall depending on locality, but […]

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