BeeMania – October 2013 – Colin Rees

30/09/2013 0

This summer has been ideal to assist with the ripening of honey inside the hive, having been hot and dry for several weeks. Honey ripening is where the bees fan inside the hive to evaporate […]

Bee-Mania – August 2013 – Colin Rees

01/08/2013 0

What a busy month this has been – and what brilliant weather! The bees have at last remembered what life is about and have been frenetically foraging for nectar on the clover – and doubtless […]

Bee-Mania – June 2013 – Colin Rees

03/06/2013 0

Well, May has been slightly better than the previous months – but Spring is still not here yet! The bees, however, are busy inside their hives, the queen laying brood for all she’s worth and […]

Bee-Mania – April 2013 – Colin Rees

31/03/2013 0

This has been an abysmal start to the year for our beloved honeybees. The weather has been relentlessly cold and wet, so even though the bees know it is time to start building up their […]

Bee-Man-ia February 2013

30/01/2013 0

As I reported last month, the weather has not, in the main, been conducive to bees flying. However, we have had one or two drier days when the bees have been out and about and […]

BeeMania – January 2013

19/12/2012 0

So it looks like there is still plenty of rain left in the heavens to descend upon us – I suppose from the melting ice-caps and glaciers. But I won’t dwell on the apocalypse that […]