Gardening – December 2014 – Nicola Bush

01/12/2014 0

It’ll soon be Christmas. Gosh it seems to come round quicker than ever and in mid- November with my summer baskets still OK and flowers on the clematis things were looking good. OK we have had […]

Gardening – October 2014 – Nicola Bush

01/10/2014 0

Now October looms and whilst I love the autumn with its fruits and colours I do confess to becoming a little depressed by the nights closing in so fast and leaves disappearing from the trees. […]

Gardening – June 2014 – Nicola Bush

01/06/2014 0

I suspect like me you may have struggled with early spring climatic conditions, twas ever thus! Many vegetable seeds were slow to germinate, young growth was checked in April by cold night time temperatures and […]

Gardening – May 2014 – Nicola Bush

01/05/2014 0

Many of you will have fed your garden and veg plot now only to find that all the nutrients have been washed away in the heavy rains. It’s a tricky business this gardening, knowing when […]