Gardening – September 2015 – Nicola Bush

01/09/2015 0

When the summer wind and rain arrived I feared for the agapanthus in full bloom but they are sturdy monsters. My varieties are particularly tall but have beautifully thick stems and survived everything the north […]

Gardening – August 2015 – Nicola Bush

01/08/2015 0

Receiving a telephone call from a friend one always says, ‘How are you?’ Sometimes there is instant regret as the tales of minor ailments persist. But I received a phone call from a good customer […]

Gardening – July 2015 – Nicola Bush

01/07/2015 0

I have had the most fabulous display of alliums in the garden for weeks. There are so many different varieties that it is possible to have allium bulgaricum from mid-May through to mid-June. Early June […]

Gardening – June 2015 – Nicola Bush

01/06/2015 0

I suspect like me you may have struggled with early spring climatic conditions, twas ever thus! Many vegetable seeds were slow to germinate, young growth was checked in April by cold night time temperatures and […]

Gardening – May 2015 – Nicola Bush

01/05/2015 0

Life in the garden is returning to normal. A few dry days and I can hear the steady of hum of lawn mowers, strimmers and hedge trimmers. The swallows have returned and birds are nesting […]

Gardening – March 2015 – Nicola Bush

01/03/2015 0

I had to laugh when I picked up last month’s article. I said something about watering in your herbaceous plants. The heavens obviously read the article and did it for you. Oh well, sometimes I […]

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