April 2010

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March started well, we got back to the allotment and enjoyed a really excellent St Piran’s Day celebration at the St Just in Roseland Institute. I know someone didn’t like it, but when nearly a […]

March 2010

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I know that received wisdom states that the pace of the year quickens in the spring as the sap rises, the first spring bulbs raise their timid heads above the leaf litter of autumn that […]

February 2010

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Even though I had to be out and about in the car, with one trip upcountry, I still thought January’s snow was so beautiful. For just a few days, everything is swept clean, covered by […]

January 2010

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I am finally writing these notes in January, but as most of the highlights we noticed out an about on the Roseland came late in the month I hope you will bear with me! The […]

December 2009

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The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness has been well and truly blown away by the gales of the last few weeks. The seas have been mountainous and have dramatically changed many of our sandy […]

November 2009

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The hedgerows have been laden down with berries of so many different plants. I’ve already mentioned sloes in earlier articles, but the holly this year is also covered with great clusters of sealing wax droplets. […]

October 2009

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There is just so much going on around us all the time! This month the returning ducks, waders and gulls have repopulated the creek and coast – much to the apparent disgust of the now […]

September 2009

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The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness seems to have come upon us very early this year. Last month I was dodging deer in the rain coming home late at night, this month it has […]

August 2009

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The summer started well, with some sunny days, but didn’t it go downhill fast! We have been building a poly tunnel on our allotment, and it has taken so long mainly because of the weather. […]

September 2012

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As I said last month, nature would not be so stupid as to allow the bees to starve by not providing weather conditions, at least at some point, suitable for plants to secrete nectar and […]

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