Adopt A Red Phone Box

fishermansshelter-webThere are a few remaining red telephone boxes on the Roseland, many of you will have a particular favourite.  Some of them need a touch up of paint from time to time, but did you know that you can “adopt” a phone box?  Some have been converted into mini libraries, some are filled with local tourist information.

When Roseland Online received a query the other day, we emailed our Superfast contact at Openreach.  He told us, “I have looked into this, and we operate a scheme to enable local communities to adopt their phone boxes.  If someone wants to adopt the payphone they can check if its available by entering the number at  If it is available for adoption they can then apply online.

“We need to get local council approval so the best step is to follow the online process and this will enable our Ops team to contact the local council and seek their permission.”

Unfortunately not all boxes are available for adoption – which includes the iconic phone box next to the Fisherman’s Shelter in Portscatho.  But do check out any boxes close to where you live and let BT know if you’re interested in doing something creative with them. And of course, let Roseland Online know about your successes!

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