Book Review – April 2017 – Sallie Eden

The Murder in Romney Marsh by Edgar Jepson – Published for Kindle 2016 (Originally published in 1929)

This reads like a slightly old fashioned Agatha Christie, in other words a classic English country house murder mystery, without the country house. 

Set in and around a village on Romney Marsh, where the body of a wealthy but mysterious man is discovered, the story has all the usual suspects and characters; the ambitious young Detective Inspector sent down from Scotland Yard, the local police who are willing but inefficient, a local thug with violent tendencies, a Minister with a sullen stepdaughter… get the picture. 

But for all the predictability, I enjoyed this book. Its rather dated charm made for a very pleasant read on a long journey. It’s well written, atmospheric and, if you like Agatha Christie, I think it’s worth more than the 99p charged for downloading it on to kindle. 

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