Commercial Register Scam

Roseland Online has been made aware of a commercial register scam being perpetrated in the local area which local businesses should be very wary of.

A convincing ‘Commercial Register’ letter sent from Direct Publishers S.L.U. of Madrid includes an ‘Update Year’ request to be filled out and returned imminently.

The letter states “Your company’s Details need to be updated by the above reference date…”

If you do fill out the form and send it back, you are unknowingly entering into a commercial contract for advertising on very poor quality website resulting in a bill being sent back.

Some victims said, “We had been hit by the €993 Commercial Register scam. In more recent months, the amount that they have asked other companies for has been £863+vat.”

Another cunning local business owner stopped himself just short of filling out the form and did a Google search, finding the scam in time. He decided to put a note into the prepaid ‘freepost’ envelope instead, giving them a piece of his mind and costing them the reply postage costs.

Please be wary of this and let other businesses know about it by sharing this article. You can download an example copy of one such letter by clicking on the image above or here.

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  1. I feel such an idiot. I would normally just shred things like this but for some reason I did fill the form out and send back. I am now on my third demand. Has anyone been pursued to court please?

    • Hi Stephen. To our knowledge, no one has ever been prosecuted. I question whether their practices would stand up in court and they know that, so doubtful they would pursue.

    • I’m also a victim of this and was getting really worried. I’m on my third reminder and I refuse to give them money. So is the best thing to do is to ignore them and not give them any money?

      • As far as we can tell, Stephen, yes. Ignore all correspondence and do not interact with them. For more information and advice, contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 20 40

        • Thanks for the response. I was interacting with them but I will ignore any correspondence from now and keep you all posted!

  2. I too have been victim to this scam after updating details ‘free of charge’
    On my third demand now , and wonder , will the police really take this seriously , in light of other events I guess more serious?

    • The reason for the police’s contact is in case they ever try to insist you pay in court, Michaela. At least then they have record of the scam. I doubt they’ll actually be able to do anything as the scammers are in Spain, I believe. Just ignore all correspondence is the advice we were given.

  3. I have seen this scam sent so far to two of my clients. One I managed to intercept so it wasn’t received by the client; unfortunately the other one did it and signed. I tried to contact the Fraud Office but they were a ‘waste of space’ and can only deal with it if you contact them online after signing up to government website, etc. I have once written to them stating that they are not going to be paid, and received a letter back. I am now advising my client to forward all future correspondence on to me and I will just put it on his file and ignore it. But my client is normally meticulous, and I know this will worry him. The police I have found will normally only deal with things that involve injury to person, and are not interested in this. I advise all my clients now to be wary of this scam.

  4. I had a letter last year and sent it back but without payment as the original letter (which i stupidly di not keep a copy of) didnt have any payments required on it. I then received a letter saying i owed them money so asked to be taken off as wasn’t willing to pay it. since then I have had letters saying i owed them money. I hadn’t heard anything for about 3/4 months and now just received a letter today telling me i needed to also pay for this years publication so now owe a total of 1900 euros does anyone know what i can do?

    • Hi Kerry
      We highly recommend you don’t enter into any more correspondence with these people. The more you interact, the deeper your involvement. We would recommend you contact your local police and let them advise you on how best to proceed.

  5. I was just about to send cheque, thankfully I decided
    To look this up, I have had a 4th letter which is a legal department demand, shall I just ignore these demands

    • I would certianly not answer these letters, Maria. Also, if you’ve given any bank details, contact your bank immediately. I would also let the police know of this issue. The more info they have, the quicker they can take these companies down.

    • Hi Malcolm
      If you have included any bank details or payment method, I would inform your bank immediately. I would then suggest reporting this to the police. You’ll find their contact details on Roseland Online’s Police page. Lastly, we suggest not reacting at all to any letters. This will only draw you deeper into their scam. pass on any details to the proper authorities.
      I hope that helps.

    • I’ve had the same problem here, thank god its not only me. Had the £863 letter twice now, thankfully I’ve never given them my bank details

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