Commercial Register Scam

Roseland Online has been made aware of a commercial register scam being perpetrated in the local area which local businesses should be very wary of.

A convincing ‘Commercial Register’ letter sent from Direct Publishers S.L.U. of Madrid includes an ‘Update Year’ request to be filled out and returned imminently.

The letter states “Your company’s Details need to be updated by the above reference date…”

If you do fill out the form and send it back, you are unknowingly entering into a commercial contract for advertising on very poor quality website resulting in a bill being sent back.

Some victims said, “We had been hit by the €993 Commercial Register scam. In more recent months, the amount that they have asked other companies for has been £863+vat.”

Another cunning local business owner stopped himself just short of filling out the form and did a Google search, finding the scam in time. He decided to put a note into the prepaid ‘freepost’ envelope instead, giving them a piece of his mind and costing them the reply postage costs.

Please be wary of this and let other businesses know about it by sharing this article. You can download an example copy of one such letter by clicking on the image above or here.

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