Cornwall Voted Best Family-Friendly Destination in the World

cornwall1A poll this week saw Cornwall on the top of the list of family-Friendly destinations in the world!

More than 2000 people took part in the survey run by Holiday and put Cornwall above places like Orlando, Florida, The Canary Islands, Cyprus, Ireland, Corfu and Crete.

The survey listed the following top ten reasons for its win:

1. Pretty beaches
2. Flight/journey time
3. Kids’ swimming pools
4. On-site entertainment
5. Good attitude to children
6. Children’s activities
7. Children’s clubs
8. Play areas
9. Good choice of food
10. Shallow sea

cornwall2A spokesman for, which commissioned the research, said: ‘If you have young children, there is so much to consider when deciding when to go on holiday, where to go and what accommodation to stay in. Not only do you need to choose somewhere that is safe for children, but you also want somewhere that has plenty of things to do, food that fussy kids will be happy to eat and also a journey which will be as stress-free as possible.

‘And it seems Cornwall is the place that fits the bill. It only involves a few hours in the car and you can be confident there will be the right food and plenty of activities to keep your children busy. While Orlando might have the theme parks that children dream of, the high temperatures and long travelling time can push it down a parent’s wish list – at least until the children are a little older.’

 The final list of top ten Family Friendly destinations looks like this… well done, Cornwall!

1. Cornwall, UK
2. Orlando, USA
3. Devon, UK
4. Majorca
5. Costa Del Sol, Spain
6. Isle of Wight
7. Menorca
8. Dorset, UK
9. Somerset, UK
10. Tenerife

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