Dog Fouling

In recent weeks there have been numerous complaints received by the Parish Council concerning frequent incidents of dog fouling in the Gerrans Hill area.

This has been causing considerable annoyance and distress, and is very unpleasant and antisocial, particularly at this time of the year when people are often using the pavements in darkness. It is also unnecessary, given that there are 5 dog bins available – in the car parks at Treloan Lane and New Road, on Churchtown Road outside the cricket field, in Eshcol lane and also on the Lugger.

Owners are therefore requested to ensure that their dogs are not allowed out unsupervised, and that they pick up after them at all times.

In a small community such as this we should not have to resort to official enforcement measures, and residents are asked to consider their neighbours and the general impression of the village.

The co-operation of all in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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