Fingerpost Facelift for St Ewe Parish

fingerpost.jpgA partnership between St Ewe Parish Council and the Highways staff has seen the six Fingerposts within the St Ewe parish boundary restored. Around twenty years ago, the posts were refurbished by the Council. Some new Fingerposts were added and some repositioned but a resident of Crosswyn was not happy that the ‘new’ post in St. Ewe would let visitors know where they were.

John Dickenson told Roseland Online, “[During the renovation], some history unfolded. A number of the posts are listed and have parts cast at Charlestown Foundry (look out for the raised pointing hand). Some posts needed more specialist attention, and with the support of Councillor Teverson’s community fund, a deal was struck with Cornwall Council to repair them whilst continuing the self help project.”

At its January meeting the Parish Council was pleased to hear that all posts were reinstated and resplendent in their new white and black livery. They join those successfully renovated elsewhere on the Roseland as part of community efforts to preserve our historic signage.

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