Mevagissey Parish Council Minutes – February 2016


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Mevagissey Activity Centre

On Thursday 18 February 2016 at 7pm.

Present              Cllrs. M Roberts (Chairman), J Barron, T Barron, A Chesterfield, J Daniel, S Hrydziuszka, J Morgan, K Robinson, G Shephard, D Speed, J Whatty.

In Attendance      Cllr. J Mustoe (CC), R Thornton CBE (St Goran CLT Ltd), P Howson (Clerk), 2 members of the public.




The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming Cllr. Robinson to his first meeting.


1a.        Apologies received: Cllrs. M Facey, N Florence.


2a.        Declarations of interest.    Cllr. Robinson declared an interest in item 10a (PA16/00429).


2b.        Gift Declarations.             None.


  1. Police report received for the period 20 January to 15 February detailing a total of 3 crimes: 1 x assault occasioning actual bodily harm, 1 x common assault, 1 x domestic burglary.


  1. Mr Bob Thornton, Chair of St Goran CLT Ltd., presented an overview of their project to create five 1 bed flats for affordable rent, outlined the eligibility criteria for people from neighbouring parishes, and answered questions.


  1. Points from the Public.  Ms Jane Blackmore spoke on item 21, explaining that St Peter’s Church required storage space for items to be sold at their regular jumble sales on the quay and at the Jubilee Hall. They require a secure space 6’x8’ approx., easily accessible and preferably within the village.


  1. Proposed by Cllr. Hrydziuszka, Seconded by Cllr. T Barron that the Minutes of the meeting held on 21 January 2015 be Accepted.                                                             Carried.


7 .        Actions from previous meeting(s).

  • 2015/12/05: Mr John Brewster has submitted initial costs of £1,200 approx. for the preferred option of adding names to the War Memorial.       He will present final proposals and costs at the March meeting.
  • 2016/01/14: Bid submitted for £2,000 of devolution funding towards the cost of taking on Valley Road toilets.
  • 2016/01/16: Letter of appreciation sent to the Mevagissey Coastguard, copied to HM Coastguard HQ, Southampton.
  • The CC Highways Manager has been asked to cut back side growth on Vicarage Hill and they have this in hand.
  • A cheque for £350 was sent to Charles French solicitors to cover initial expenses of the Valley Road PC conveyance; a service management requirements specification for the toilets was agreed and sent to Cormac and Churchill Cleaning Services inviting them to quote, but Churchill had declined; a set of keys for the toilets has been supplied to Cllr. Facey; CC Property Services will be setting up a Tenancy at Will w.e.f. 1 April to cover until the lease conveyance completes.


Proposed by Cllr. T Barron, Seconded by Cllr. J Barron that Cormac be selected as the preferred supplier and their quote accepted.                                                                                                                 Carried.


  1. Ward Member’s report.
  • A traffic management plan is being agreed prior to clearing vegetation from the retaining wall in Church Lane;
  • Following landslips in the sunken section of Cliff Street, CC have accepted liability for both sides of the road;
  • CC will be challenged over their recent negative response to the re-siting of emergency equipment at Portmellon;
  • Mevagissey’s bid for £2,000 devolution funding is looking promising;
  • A site meeting will be arranged with CC Highways Manager, with Cllr. Whatty present, to see the effects on Vicarage Hill of excessive water run-off;
  • CC have agreed to address the drainage problem at the top of the steps leading down from Pentillie field.


  1. Correspondence received.
  • Letter from CC consulting on the Schedule of Further Significant Changes and Schedule of Focused Changes to the Cornwall Local Plan;
  • Letter from the Cornwall Air Ambulance thanking MPC for the donation;
  • Letter from St Peter’s Parochial Church Council requesting a grant of £350 towards the publication costs of the Tower & Spire;
  • Letter from Sue Pegler of Scope asking the Parish Council to consider providing a grit/salt bin within the MAC site;
  • Letter from St. Peter’s PCC thanking MPC for the grant towards the restitution of the Victorian lamp;
  • Letter from St. Peter’s PCC requesting storage space for jumble sale items.


  1. Planning and Enforcement.


10a.      PA16/00429 : Loft conversion with two pitched dormers to the front elevation and a flat roof dormer to the rear.

19 Polkirt Hill Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6UR.     Cllr. Robinson withdrew having declared an interest.

Proposed by Cllr. T Barron, Seconded by Cllr. J Barron that the Council raises no objection, but requests a condition to any approval that builders’ vehicles must not be parked on Polkirt Hill during the work.       Carried.


10b.      The following planning decisions have been published (included for information only):

PA15/10597 : Retaining slope structure. 69 Church Street Mevagissey.                                  APPROVED

PA15/11256 : Alterations to elevations and floor plans. The Cliff Polkirt Hill Mevagissey.        APPROVED

PA15/11464 : Proposed dwelling and detached garage. Land Adjacent to 22 Portmellon Park.     REFUSED

PA15/12098 : Extension to living room. 17 Higher Well Park Mevagissey.                            APPROVED


The following appeal decisions have been published (included for information only):

PA15/06183 : Rooms-in-roof addition to existing first floor flat and additional storey above lean-to store to create a dining kitchen for first floor flat. Harbour House Gurnard’s Quay Mevagissey.                      APPEAL DISMISSED

PA15/03079 : Proposed Residential Development for 12 New Dwellings (7 Affordable and 5 Open Market).

Land North Of Moonfleet School Hill Mevagissey.                                                    APPEAL ALLOWED


  1. Finances


Bills to Pay Salaries £ 647.38
HMRC (Income Tax & NIC) £ 207.67
Postage & envelopes £ 12.24
TOTAL £ 867.29
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 38,481.21
Expenditure last month £ 5,877.53
   plus legal expenses for PC conveyance £ 325.00
LMP funding (duplicate payment) £ 320.60 received
Balance (money in bank) £ 32,849.28
Unpresented cheques £ 250.00
Available to spend £ 32,599.28
Bank Statements (01/02/2016):
Current Account £ 746.16
Deposit Account £ 32,103.12
TOTAL £ 32,849.28


Proposed by Cllr. T Barron, Seconded by Cllr. Speed that the accounts be accepted and the bills paid.       Carried.


  1. Cllr. Shephard reported that changes to the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) were in hand following the recent consultation, including some structural changes to make it more usable by planning officers. Additional changes are being considered to cater for proposed changes to the NPPF as a result of the Housing and Planning Bill currently going through Parliament. The Plan will then be submitted to CC for formal consultation in early March.


  1. Cllr. Roberts reported that the post office facility in the Jubilee Hall is now ready to begin operation, but due to a standard requirement that the software runs without problems for a specified period, the scheduled opening date of 3 March remains.


  1. The Council agreed to respond to the consultation on proposed changes to national planning policy by endorsing the response from Cllr. Edwina Hannaford, CC Portfolio Holder for Planning.


  1. The consultation on the latest schedule of changes to the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies was noted.


  1. The Council agreed to respond to the consultation on the Cornwall AONB Management Plan by highlighting the lack of consideration of the Parish’s natural features, including wooded valleys and stretches of undeveloped coastline.


  1. Proposed by Cllr. Shephard, Seconded by Cllr. Daniel that a proposal be made to the Harbour Trustees of a regular meeting, of a frequency to be agreed, between representatives of the Parish Council and of the Harbour Trustees, to discuss issues which affect the village.             Carried.


  1. Proposed by Cllr. Morgan, Seconded by Cllr. Hrydziuszka that the Council will donate up to £100 to Scope for the provision of, and one-off filling of, a grit bin at the MAC, payable upon receipt of supplier invoice(s). Carried.


  1. It was agreed to defer consideration of improvements to public rescue equipment at Portmellon pending the outcome of Cllr. Mustoe’s discussions with CC over liability. Cllr. Daniel said that, if necessary, he would undertake any installation work on a materials only basis.


  1. A suggestion that a Parish Council ‘surgery’ be set up did not meet with general approval, but it was agreed that any proposals for raising the profile of the Council would be considered at the next meeting.


  1. It was noted that St Peter’s Church are in need of a storage area, 6’x8’ approx., to store items donated for their jumble sales on the quay and at the Jubilee Hall. Any offers or suggestions can be made directly to a member of the Church Council or via the Clerk.


  1. The meeting ended at 9.25pm. Date of next meeting : 17 March 2016.








Signed ……………………………………………………………………………..         Dated ………………………………

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