Roseland Online Exceeds 20,000 Hits-a-Day Target

03.07.12:Roseland Online blow its target aim of 20,000 hits-a-day right out of the water on 1st July, reaching a total of 20,432.

Just last month we reached 19,144, so this leap is massive.

Roseland Online founder editor, Mark David Hatwood, said, “I’m delighted by the websites growth since its birth. We’ve had a steady growth – which most business people will tell you is the best form of growth – and I hope that our consistency in bringing the best the community has to offer to everyone’s attention has been to everyone’s approval. These stats seem to show just that.”

Roseland Online launched on June 1st 2009 when it had an average of just 27 visitors a day. Its commitment to the community has seen it grow from a simple 20 page site then to now include over 200 pages of content including Parish Council agendas and minutes, regular Local News, Letters, Classifieds and 10 feature writers, as well as Jobs, a Shop, a 58 page Wedding Planner and of course the much used Services listings, which were the intention of the site’s innovation back then to bring a voice to all the disperate websites around South Central Cornwall into one place.

Mark added, “On 1st July alone, we had 425 unique visitors join us and our popularity is growing with people from all over the globe following us regularly. In June I had emails from Cornish Societies in New Zealand, Canada and America letting us know how how much they like what we’re doing, so we have a truly global voice now.

“Here’s to the next milestone of 30,000 hits and thank you all so much for your support. Together we can keep South Central Cornwall businesses and our stunning location on the tip of everyone’s lips.”

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