St Just in Roseland Parish Council Minutes – February 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in the Parish Millennium Rooms, St Mawes on Monday 2nd February 2015. The meeting commenced at 7pm.


Councillors Present:

The Vice Chairman Cllr. C. Chenoweth, Cllrs. J. Benney, S. Black, P. Farmiloe, R. Giles, B. Sadler,

  1. Salter, P. Teague, C. Williams and Cornwall Cllr. J. German


Also Present:

  1. Penhaligon (Clerk), S. Chenoweth (Assistant Clerk), J. Smith (RNP) and 7 Members of the public.


In the absence of the Chairman, Cllr. K. Warren, the meeting was chaired by the Vice Chairman, Cllr. B. Chenoweth.


  1. To accept apologies for absence

Chairman Cllr. K. Warren and Cllr R. Hall


  1. Declaration of Interest:
  2. a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest– none declared
  3. b) Non-Registerable Interest – none declared
  4. c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – none declared
  5. d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda – none received


  1. Open Period – Public Participation

Mr T Whitaker conveyed his proposal to erect Trim Trails of exercise equipment including sit-up and chin-up apparatus positioned around the circuit of the village for which he had formally asked the Parish Council for its support. He was asked to submit further information and it was suggested contacting Roseland Surgeries as a Health and Fitness connection applies.


Mr D Farrance spoke on behalf of Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Anthony, who has formally approached the Parish Council for a letter of support in connection to a damp problem on one main wall of the Catholic Church. As part of the funding application to Sita, evidence is required showing that the Church is a major part of the community and very active throughout the year.


Mrs S Eden read a letter in the absence of Faisel Baig of St Mawes Pharmacy regarding the funding from NHS England. The main points for consideration are; the ageing population of the village; erratic public transport; quick medical advice close to hand; locals may spend their money elsewhere if forced into Town. An open public meeting to discuss the future of the St Mawes Pharmacy is being held on Thursday in St Mawes Memorial Hall.


  1. To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 5th January 2015

The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands by those who had attended the said meeting, that the previously circulated minutes of the 5th January 2015 meeting be approved and they were duly signed by the Chairman.


  1. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda
  2. a)         Improvements to signage and traffic control measures in St Mawes village – A meeting has been    arranged between Cornwall Cllr. J. German and B Dickinson the Highways Manager on Thursday 5th February to look at this matter, along with other highways matters.


  1. b)         Maintenance Contracts – To be considered at by the Finance Committee on Monday 9th


Outstanding matters – in hand

  1. i) Best value of the cleansing service – To be looked at by the Finance Committee on Monday 9th February


  1. ii) Options for reducing the amount of litter in the streets – Farmiloe, Williams and the Clerk to look into this matter further



iii)       Cleansing of Bohella Store – Cllr Chenoweth to liaise with M Cocking


  1. iv) Parish Council Website – Cllrs Warren and Sadler to look into this matter during February


  1. v) On-street parking enforcements – To be discussed at the meeting with Highways Manager on



  1. vi) St Just Playing Field/unrecorded rights of way – Information packs are to be issued to residents who have used the path for over 20 years. Cllr. Sadler and the Clerk to liaise


vii)      Mobile Library Service – Cllr. German advised that there are no plans for the Roseland        Community Transport to convey people to the new stop off points. If there is a demand, this will

be reviewed after the new mobile service comes into force on 1st April 2015


viii)     Barrier for a sea defence in The Square, St Mawes – Nothing new to report


  1. Report from the Clerk

The Clerk reported that the Parish Council Debit Card was finally received on 27th January.


Both defibrillators, one attached to the Millennium Rooms Building and the other at St Just Institute are being visually checked commencing 1st February on a monthly basis by Paula Rosewall to ensure they are in working order and proof of the checks are being emailed to Caroline Coldwell, the new co-ordinator. The RSPG is looking into more responder training at its next meeting.


  1. Report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

During December 2014 the Police received 13 calls to the Parish, 6 of these relate to one address. Two crimes have been recorded. During January 2015, the Police were called to the Parish 12 times. One report of criminal damage has been recorded.


  1. Report from Cornwall Cllr. German

Cornwall Cllr. J. German requested to make his comments on the agenda as the item comes up.


  1. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees

St Just and St Mawes Heritage Group AGM – Cllr. Williams reported that, by spring, they plan to show an exhibition in the Telephone Box. The box by The Arcade currently suffers from condensation and needs a concrete base to prevent this and to fix it into the agreed current position. The Parish Council’s handyman to carry out the works.


The Chairman requested that Standing Orders be lifted to bring forward items 12 and 15. All in favour by a show of hands.


  1. Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan (RNP)

Jon Smith handed out copies of the Project Plan and talked through the 7 ‘Threads’ providing explanations of each. Included was the 2 year overview of each ‘Thread’. Progress on the Project will be reviewed at least monthly by the Steering Group with the Parish Councils.


  1. St Mawes Pharmacy Services

To consider the services of St Mawes Pharmacy

The Parish Council took on board the concerns of the community. It was recognised that St Mawes Pharmacy offers a valuable wide range of services in addition to dispensing prescriptions and it is vital that it stays open. The Parish Council fully supported the continuing funding of both the St Mawes Pharmacy and the Roseland Surgeries and agreed to write to NHS England explaining the remoteness of the Parishes, and the difficulty many people would have in accessing other Pharmacies and GP Surgeries.


Normal Standing Orders resumed.


10a. Accounts and Finance

To approve the payments of accounts (Appendix 1)

The Council was asked to approve the following payments:

Total cheques numbered 6661 to 6671 approved and signed at meeting                       5,401.24                                                                                  Total cheques numbered 6649 to 6660 paid since last meeting were ratified   5,480.89         

Direct Debits/ Standing Orders shown as paid in January                                               8, 741.63

Income shown as received during January                                                                               9, 959.57


Cllr. Salter proposed approval of the payments of accounts as presented. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


  1. b) To consider an application for funding support from St Mawes Youth Sailing Trust – The Chairman suggested the application be considered by the Finance Committee at its meeting on 9th


  1. c) To consider an application for funding support for the St Mawes Trim Trail Proposal – The Parish Council have, in principle, shown their support and requested further information.


  1. d) To consider a pest control contract for the waste store with Be-ta-pest (SW) – A 12 month contract, including the supply and installation of bait stations for Bohella Store and Bank with a minimum of 8 visits per year at 6 week intervals would be £440 net. Any emergency call outs between treatments will not be charged.


Cllr. Farmiloe proposed approval of the pest control contract for Bohella Bank and Store for a 12 month trial at a net cost of £440. Seconded by Cllr. Sadler. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


  1. Planning
  2. a) To consider the meetings of the Planning Committee

No planning committee meeting has been held


  1. b) The Council considered the following planning applications:


  1.       PA14/11277 – Land adjacent to Polventon, St Just in Roseland – construction of new two

storey, four bedroom dwelling – considered by Cllrs. Sadler, Benney and Warren (declaration of interest by Cllr. Teague) – objection


  1. PA14/12135 – Manor Cottage, 1 Kings Road, St Mawes – conversion of a curtilage listed outbuilding and modification of a second curtilage listed building to provide one new unit for use as a holiday let – considered by Cllrs. Chenoweth, Giles and Salter – no objection


  1. PA14/12136 – Manor Cottage, 1 Kings Road, St Mawes – Listed Building Consent for conversion of a curtilage listed outbuilding and modification of a second curtilage listed building to provide one new unit for use as a holiday let – considered by Cllrs.

Chenoweth, Giles and Salter – no objection. Comment – although they were in favour of retaining Listed Buildings in principle, it was considered that these outbuildings had no historical value.


  1. PA15/00088 – Morlenwel, Tredenham Road, St Mawes –entrance drive and kerb drop – considered by Cllrs. Farmiloe, Giles and Williams – no objection


  1. PA14/12231 – Carrick Waters, St Just in Roseland – erection of replacement dwelling

considered by Cllrs. Sadler, Teague and Warren – no objection


  1. PA15/00650 – Braes, Newton Road, St Mawes – removal of trees on eastern boundary. Lleylandi, Holly/Laurel, Palm/Pitisporum and Pitisporum – to be considered by Cllr. Benney, Giles and Salter


The Agent, CR Building Consultants has written regarding the piece of land and the seat outside of Braes which is needed to widen the drive. This grass is cut by the Parish Council and it owns old seat.


  1. To note the decisions of the Planning Authority

PA14/11042 – Hotel Tresanton, Lower Castle Road, St Mawes (44) – proposed single storey external store extension to existing hotel – no objection


PA14/11448 Rose Cottage, Gibraltar Terrace, St Mawes (45) – extension of an existing balcony and bedroom below, construction of vestibule with cloakroom, and the replacement of an existing flat roof with pitched roof – no objection


PA14/11775 – Little Newton, Newton Road, St Mawes (53) – ground floor extension – no objection


  1.       PA14/11277 – Land adjacent to Polventon, St Just in Roseland – construction of new two

storey, four bedroom dwelling – The Development Officer has advised that this planning application has been put onto the next Planning Committee to be held on 16th February, and her opinion is that the proposed development is acceptable in its current form.


  1. d) Enforcements – active

EN14/02035 – 1 Church Hill, St Mawes – unauthorised works to Listed Building


EN 14/02128 – Lowen Meadow, St Mawes – use of land for helicopter and motorcycle activity in

excess of the 28 day rule.


  1. e) To consider planning correspondence


  1. f) To consider proposed housing developments in the Parish – no matter to report


  1. g) To consider updates on Affordable Housing Local Needs – no matter to report


  1. h) To consider CPRE’s report on Housing in Cornwall part 4 – to be considered at the next meeting


  1. i) To consider the request from S Harrison to site a small business on Tredenham Road

The Parish Council considered the request from Mr Harrison to site a portable stall/cart selling ice cream, doughnuts and soup on the pavement by the steps leading to Summers Beach. The Clerk was asked to obtain more information on the proposal and to discuss it with the Highways Manager at the meeting on Thursday.


  1. Millennium Rooms Management Committee and Roseland Visitor Centre Committee
  2. a)   To consider the recommendations from the meeting held on 19th January 2015 (Appendix 2)

Cllr. Williams reported one recommendation to advertise vacancy for RVC Assistant Job. It was suggested by the Parish Council to train the Volunteers to save money as it is an 8 hour per week position, and many use it as a stepping stone back into the work place.


  1. b)   To consider the update on the New Offices – All going ahead


  1. c)   To update on the Millennium Building Maintenance – In total 6 requests for quotations were sent out for each separate job (External and Internal decoration). The closing date is 20th February 2015.


  1. Car Park
  2. a) To consider the monthly income
Pay & Dis Pay & Display Permits Permits Total
Monthly Cumulative Monthly Cumulative Cumulative
Jan-14 1669.85 157,615.65 0.00 16,084.80 173,700.45
Jan-15 1986.05 158,000.64 1,950.00 31,240.10 189,240.74
January 2015 comparable with January 2014
Up 316.20 384.99 1,950.00 15,155.30 15,540.29
  1. b) To consider the recommendations from the Car Park Committee meeting held on 12th January 2015 (Appendix 3)

Cllr. Giles proposed that only permanent residents with no parking outside their homes in St Mawes should be allocated a reserved space; that the two permanent residents who have applied for a reserved space and fit


the criteria be allocated a space; and that there is a maximum of 7 reserved spaces under this criteria; and that a maximum of 12 spaces be allocated to Beach Hall Flats residents under the planning condition agreement if required. Seconded by Cllr. Teague. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council


The draft policy amendments will be looked at in the next Car Park meeting.


Cllr. Giles proposed approval for the repainting of Car Park white lines. Seconded by Cllr. Teague. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


It was noted that the future of the Car Park has been referred to the Properties and Devolution Teams.


  1. c) To consider the issuing of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) for not parking within the allocated space

The matter of 5 drivers being issued with PCNs for not parking within the designated bays on the same day is to be referred back to the Car Park Committee


  1. St Just in Roseland Church Public Conveniences

To further consider the future financing of St Just in Roseland Public Conveniences

Awaiting response from St Just PCC


  1. Renewable Energy installation and grant funding options for the Millennium Rooms building

To consider the report from H Crone, Consultant

Cllr. Williams and Black circulated a briefing note on the Consultant’s report to the Parish Council. It appeared that the installation of solar panels costing in the region of £7,000 would produce a return of approximately 12-14%. Members of the Council supported the idea in principle as did Cornwall Cllr. German. It was suggested to refer to the Finance Committee meeting on 9th February.


  1. Correspondence (information only)


  1. Staffing Matters
  2. a) To consider a report and recommendations from the Personnel Committee – No report


  1. b) To consider the recommendations from NALC for a 2.2% wage increase from 1st January 2015

Cllr. Giles proposed approval of NALC’s recommendations of the new rates of pay from 1st January 2015 based on the agreement reached by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services. Seconded by Cllr. Farmiloe. All in favour by a show of hands.

RESOLVED by the Council.


Cllr. Sadler proposed approval of the recommendation by the Millennium Rooms Management Committee to the Parish Council to advertise for a RVC Assistant under the same terms as the previous one. Seconded by Cllr. Williams. All in favour by a show of hands. One abstention. RESOLVED by the Council.


  1. Agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting


  1. Date of next meeting – The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 2nd March 2015 at the Parish Millennium Rooms, St Mawes commencing at 7pm.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.50pm


Signed as a true record……AK Warren…………………………………..


Cllr. A.K. Warren, Chairman of St Just in Roseland Parish Council


Date: 2nd February 2015

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