Toxic Jequirity Bracelet Alert

10.02.11: Roseland Online has today received an alert from a local resident working for the NHS regarding a bracelet (pictured here) that has been on sale at Eden Project in Cornwall and another 36 retailers across the UK. The ‘Priority Red Bulletin’ from the NHS urges customers to return the red and black bracelets, made from the Jequirity bean – the deadly seed of the plant abrus precatorious.

Each braclet contains the toxin abrin, a controlled substance under the Terrorism Act, that if swallowed can kill in doses of just 3 micrograms. Abrin is chemically similar to ricin, a chemical warfare agent.

People who have bought the bracelets are being urged to bag them and then wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes. The Eden Project alone sold 2,800 bracelets over a year and NHF staff who may attend a patient known to have been in contact with one of these bracelets, they have asked them to treat as per poisonous substances and to be aware of the imminent risk to the patient.

For enquiries regarding returns and refunds at the Eden Project, please call their shop team on 01726 818802. More information can be found on the Eden website by clicking here.

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