Two Warnings For Local Businesses

Roseland Online has received two reports of warning for local businesses.

Shops: Ralph’s Stores in Portscatho had a call today from someone claiming to want to top up their pre-payment card. (Prepaid cards work by loading cash onto a card, which can then be used in shops and restaurants just like a debit or credit card). The person asked if they could load their card in-store. However the caller wanted to load £900 onto the card.

When the shop assistant offered to check and asked for their number so they could ring the caller back. At this point the caller put the phone down and when the number was called again, it was a number-not-available.

Speaking with Tregony police, they suggested that businesses that do load pre-payment cards to beware of rogue calls ike this, They could be either laundering money, trying to move forged notes or used stolen debit cards to load a pre-payment card which cannot be retracted.

Hotels/B&Bs: The Devon and Cornwall Police Community Messaging System sent an email relating to crime no BD/13/68. It reads as follows:

“A male using the name FINCH is currently making hotel bookings via the internet.When he arrives, he extends his stay and leaves without making payment and leaving false credit card details. Crimes have been reported in Liskeard and Lostwithiel. He checked out of the hotel in Lostwithiel this morning so may well be about to book a stay elsewhere. He is described as 5’7 – 5’8″ tall, in his thirties, with stubble, brown hair and wearing a burberry style dark coloured cap.Hoteliers are advised to check their advance bookings and be aware of any future bookings which may relate to this male. Please call police on 101 with any information and quote crime number BD/13/68.”

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