Book Review – April 2015 – Sallie Eden

That Girl From Nowhere by Dorothy Koomson – Published by Century. For release in April 2015

nowhere-koomsonClemency Smittson (Smitty) was adopted as a baby. She has few clues to her birth parents, but a split from her partner and a series of coincidences lead her to the heart of her “other family”.

I think its many strands will make it popular with book groups and clubs because there is so much to discuss, including inter-racial adoptions and whether and, if so, how and when to break away from destructive family members.

Me? The jury’s still out. I enjoyed ‘The Ice Cream Girls’ and I really wanted to like ‘That Girl…’ but there were just too many coincidences for me to believe in the outcome, which, despite the book’s length, didn’t really answer all my questions. Maybe there’s a sequel to come?

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