Local Filmmaker Releases Third ‘Nature’ DVD


A local film company, Calmer By Nature, has just released its third nature DVD: Calmer by the Water. The company creates unique DVDs of the British countryside without intrusive commentary or music.

The film features clips like new born cynets taking their first swim with proud parents, young seals playing in the surf, or the timelessness of traditional wooden sailing boats making their way serenely upriver.

Filmmaker, Barry Wheelock, , who shot some of the DVD from onboard his classic yawl on the River Fal, told Roseland Online, “I’ve captured magical footage of river scenes of the years. Even in the height of summer has a wonderful freedom. It’s like being on the Amazon.”

Barry’s DVDs and CDs are popular with people who like to relax, or those who are simply unable – perhaps through illness or infirmity – to get out into the countryside. The films are also a key therapy aid used by healthcare professionals specialising in sensory therapy, autism, ADHD, dementia care and CBT.

Kath Smith, award winning occupational therapist and Director of MBB Connections in Truro, added, “Calmer By Nature offers a great therapeutic resource, a tool … to help clients with a range of different presentations – from use as a self soothe strategy, to enabling assessment in young people and children in care, to facilitating reminiscence. Something that can be used in so many different ways, especially when access to the great ‘green gym’ of the healing outdoors is restricted.”

The trailer can be seen below and the full film, Calmer by the Water, is available by visiting their website www.calmerbynature.com. The Yawl from which Barry filmed is also for sale through Roseland Online. Click here to view.

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